Organization grows in steps

Organization do not grow linearly in continuous mode but rather by steps, every step require effort and time to develop when not being a show stopper, we help organization to minimize the efforts to scale up as well as avoiding the associated risks.

Our modular services portfolio

SestanteTech provide a set of structured module to assess your organization effectiveness and efficiency, we know by experience this process has to be tailored to your specific business, history, culture and mission and we know this process cannot be automated and require a balance mix of heart and templates


For the above reasons we offered a portfolio of structured analysis that can be assembled to get to best result for your organization whether your goal it to conduct a business transformation or a business optimization.

Some of the module we propose, all the module could be designed as consultancy and analysis only or with full support in deployment and implementation including training and live coaching

Assets analysis

Via a standardized methodology we conduct an assessment of your resources participating in the project and services, this analysis provide a structured chart-of-staff to:

  • Create competency card for each resource with SMART guidelines
  • Provide training plan and resource development pattern
  • Provide potential career plan
  • Identify gaps to the “blue sky” skills portfolio for your business
  • Create/contribute to definition of scientific job description mixing hard and soft skills

PMO processes

  • Create set of templates to manage project
  • Tune and positioning of level of process and documentation
  • Define resource allocation and project planning

Scale up

An organization has multiple steps in evolution, that progress is happening at steps and not in continuous mode, we do help to overcome these steps to speed up growth

  • Design SOW ( statement of work ) document
  • Design Offer for large customer
  • NDA
  • Steering documentation and presentation
  • Negociation
  • Communication and web presence

Organizational health check

  • Gap analysis of processes
  • Identify redundant / missing or incomplete key processes
  • Analysis of documentation content and flow
  • Define “contract borders” between department
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Design “blueprint” for new role and processes

Training portfolio

We do provide training and coaching sessions, the training is tailored to the customer:

  1. Business Vertical
  2. Participants profile & seniority
  3. Goals

A quick assessment is conducted before organizing the training to compose the content of the session and the achievable results.

Training modules:

Below the training course catalog, each module is delivered in 1-3 days depending on size of group, level of laboratory exercise and simulation and modules grouping, all module can be delivered in English or Italian, modules are tailored to organization verticals, market and participants profiles/seniority:

Management techniques

  • Change management
  • Remote management
  • From management to Leadership
  • Matrix management
  • Manage by processes
  • Teamwork e team building
  • Delegation and task assignment
  • Coaching
  • Management by Example and Performance analysis


  • GoTo Market
  • From marketing to sales
  • Comunication
  • Selling services
  • Customer support
  • Farming vs Hunting
  • Negotiation
  • Sales engagement and negotiation
  • Sales process from scouting to statement of work
  • Knowledge management

Soft Skills

  • Conflict management
  • Smart working
  • Time management
  • Priority management
  • Success & failure analysis techniques
  • Planning

Project mgmt

  • Project management
  • PMO process, KPI, design andĀ  implementation
  • Risk management
  • Project finance and economics
  • Communication
  • Project mgmt models ( agile, kanban, etcc )


  • Resource hunting
  • Hiring
  • People development
  • Skills matrix and career plan
  • Compensation models
  • Motivation, performance
  • Conflict management